I will write a fantasy sci fi or general fiction short story

write a fantasy sci fi or general fiction short story

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Description I will write a fiction story. Greater Thematic Development Advanced Themes and Characters
  The story topic will be of your choosing, including the genres of fantasy and sci-fi. Will Include More Time Spent on Thematic Development, Characterization, and Revision. For "Deep Ideas" involving Intense Character Development within the framework of Short Story
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About This Gig

I will create a Short Story in the genre of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or General Fiction along the topics and characters provided.  You may feel free to be as detailed or general as you like, selecting the characters, types, personalities, tendencies, interactions, and ending, or simply describing the general thematic elements involved in the story.  The level of detail is up to you, simply choose your adventure!!!!

Be advised that more detailed stories may require more words in order to fulfill the level of details you require, however it is up to your discretion as to whether you wish to make payment at the level of words the story takes; I will also do my best to make an accurate estimate of the number of words the story will take, as well as giving updates and being flexible about our goals during the writing process itself.

I hope this to be a semi-collaborative effort, with you providing the direction and me providing the finished story!!

Be advised that I prefer to do clean work, and may back away from the gig if the thematic elements are not to my liking.  Other than this stipulation, your wish is my command!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of Fantasy books have you read, and what are your favorites?
    I've read extensively within the Fantasy genre. I've read a lot of the Classics, including The Chronicles of Narnia, LoTR, and The Fionavar Tapestry, and also Modern works like Harry Potter and The Wheel of Time. Recently I've read The KingKiller Chronicles and most books by Brandon Sanderson.
  • What types of Sci-Fi have you read?
    I've read less extensively within the Sci-Fi series, but am quite familiar with a lot of Isaac Asimov as well as the Dune series. Also, I have watched a lot of sci-fi and am always fascinated by upcoming technology and how it could apply to and change our culture and lives for good or ill.
  • How do I know I'll be satisfied with your work?
    Honestly, as I am a new writer on this forum, you won't. However, I will guarantee your satisfaction with my work, and if you are a well-referenced buyer I am content that if you are NOT content, I will refund your money and we can part ways.