I will translate English to Spanish and vice versa

translate English to Spanish and vice versa

About This Gig

I am a native Mexican which makes my mother tongue Spanish, and I have been speaking English daily for over 5 years with people all over the world. I am a freelancer programmer, so that's the reason I use English every day all day.

My parents lived in the US for several years and have spoken English since I was a little baby, so that's how I know English.

I will translate one page of text for $5 and for $5 more I will translate up to 5 pages. A page is defined as roughly 250 words. So 5 pages would be 1250 words!

And it's not just a shoddy Google Translate either, it's a full conceptual translation (or literal, if you prefer), which means I will translate what the other person meant exactly, unless it's a special message which only the involved parties would understand.

If I don't understand the subject or a word or anything about the text, I will study that subject and give you a translation with full understanding of what the text meant when it was written.

It is important to note that I translate to Mexican Spanish, which may have some differences from Spanish from Spain.

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2 days delivery