I will translate greek singer Kazantzidis songs for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
translate greek singer Kazantzidis songs
translate greek singer Kazantzidis songs

About This Gig

What to say about this person. You can read some few things in the following wikipedia link:
After about 5 years of listening the Greek radio broadcast program "Βραδιάζει" (Vradiazei) with Achilleas Aslanides, I decided to spend a little time to create a gig for those who are interested in know about what Kazantzidis songs speak about.

Vradiazei is a Greek radio broadcast program in which Mr Aslanidis Achilleas plays in most songs of this important and
 unique greek singer Stelios Kazantzidis.

All of the Greeks and his own Stelios has expanded Greek Spirit for all over the world.

Many other countries as Israel listen to Kazantzidis and such wikipedia says: "Kazantzidis is the voice of the people, of the weary, the exploited, the betrayed. And the voice of the refugee and the emigre, too." 

I am a Greek IT Professional living in Greece and I love listening (and also feel) Kazantzidis songs.
If you want to translate any song of him to English or Turkish send me an inbox message to discuss about yous needs.
1 gig corresponds to 1 song translation.