I will add another layer of security to Windows

add another layer of security to Windows

About This Gig

I keep my computer secure by hardening my computer using various security products, settings, and configurations.  Let me share some of the programs that I use to keep out the bad guys.  After I get an feeling or understanding of your current state, I will be able to suggest what you can add to provide extra layers of security.

The services I offer flow from 20+ years of honing my troubleshooting methodology and skills
.  When you call, you will be in experienced hands and I will often prompt you to ask any other questions you may have while I am working on the issue. 

If you want me to perform services outside the $5 limit, please request that fivver allow me to do so.  They have the ability to remove these limitations which will allow me to fully support you with not only any problems, but also help you become a power user.  I usually have a chance to throw in a few tips each time I work with a client for more than a few minutes.

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