I will explore NSA proof routers that stop hackers too

explore NSA proof routers that stop hackers too

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The most popular NSA proof routers are those that have been upgraded and reprogrammed with open source software.  

Let me explain how to determine whether you router is untrustworthy.

Chances are that your router is insecure, according to one article: (around 60 to 70 percent of the routers found in homes are vulnerable to attack, trusting a vulnerable router is) "like handing a thief the keys to your house." (from: Routers using WPS are intrinsically unsafe)  This is due to a new security vulnerability that effect almost all routers in homes and small businesses.  

The services I offer flow from 20+ years of honing my troubleshooting skills.  When you call, you will be in experienced hands and I will often prompt you to ask any other questions you may have while I am working on the issue. 

I charge by the hour and am extremely flexible and fair.  If another remote desktop tech fixes a job that I couldn't finish (almost never happens), I will refund your money.  Since my maximum chargeable time on fivver is $5, you will need to seek out any additional assistance help outside of fivver.  Again, my name is Greg Cromwell and I am a sole proprietorship computer repair specialist.  

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