I will poll 1 Survey Question to 100 US Consumers

This guy is the Cristiano Ronaldo of Surveys! 10 star service...not 5!
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great job!
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Great work once again. Thanks so much for all your hard effort.
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Interesting insight and valuable information from a recent survey he helped us with. Will be back for more in the future.
Reviewed by drdata over 1 year ago
Great Work as always. Thanks again so much for all your hard effort.
Reviewed by rblsportsnet over 1 year ago
Wonderful job as usual. Thanks so much. :)
Reviewed by rblsportsnet over 1 year ago
Good service will use again
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Quick to respond. More than happy with the results of this experience. Would use again and probably will.
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Outstanding Experience!
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Surveying is one of the biggest missing pieces for business and marketing in the U.S. Greg is extremely helpful in getting my business into solid footing for customer care.
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Helpful, instructive, concise, quick. Will use again.
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Outstanding Experience!
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Clear, clean, diverse, useful. Outstanding!
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Where has this service been all my life! If you want to up your game I suggest using this service to get tapped in to your market. Fantastic!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Awesome! Fast and super helpful!
Reviewed by tomwalker55 over 1 year ago
Sensational surveys. The series of surveys I ordered enabled me to find among the titles, subtitles and cover samples for my book the one that had at least TEN TIME MORE CHANCES OF SUCCESS than the others. Imagine what this means for your BUYERS and your SALES!
Reviewed by felipetvbd over 1 year ago
The results of my surveys are nothing short of amazing. Each new survey reveals new information that is essential knowledge to better target the favorite cover for my book, thus MULTIPLYING my SELLING potential many times over.
Reviewed by felipetvbd over 1 year ago
The RESULTS were nothing short of amazing. First I surveyed the titles for my book then the subtitles and finally the covers. The surveys showed that the difference between what I thought would be a title or cover that sells, and what customers would actually BUY was huge.
Reviewed by felipetvbd over 1 year ago
poll 1 Survey Question to 100 US Consumers
poll 1 Survey Question to 100 US Consumers

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  100 people will answer one multiple choice question 200 people will answer one multiple choice question 300 people will answer one multiple choice question
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About This Gig

I will ask one multiple choice survey question of anything you'd like to know to 100 people based in the US and report the results to you.


All respondents are part of a representative nationwide panel of US consumers. All responses are guaranteed unique (IP addresses & timestamps provided).


- Survey summary report
- All response details (includes IP's & timestamps) 


I need more than 100 respondents. Can you help?

Yes, we can get thousands of unique responses. Simply create more gigs or choose a gig extra.

Can I get a more highly targeted audience?

If you want to target a more narrow group than all US consumers (like "women" or "people under 30,") order the "Custom Audience Gig."

What if I want to ask an open-ended question instead of a multiple choice question (Example: "Why do you like the color blue?")

Yes, you can ask questions that require a little more description from people! Just order the open-ended gig addon below.

Ok, you've finally convinced me. Now what?

That's it. Just accept the gig, and answer a few questions to get started. 
I look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can I get to take this poll?
    As many as you want, practically speaking. I have run survey studies as small as 5 people, and as large as 3,000. We could even do more than that if you’re interested in winning my exclusive “survey buster” award.
  • Can I ask open ended questions?
    Yes, that requires the open-ended question gig addon. You will need to order 1 addon for every 100 responses you want. So for example, if you have ordered 300 responses to answer an open-ended question, you'll need to order 3 gig addons.
  • Where do you recruit these people from?
    During the day I work at a major ad agency and so I have direct access to a market research panel of tens of thousands of people all over the globe. I also leverage a proprietary audience panel built in-house through my parent company.
  • How do I know these responses are real?
    Your final report comes with a listing of all individual responses of the people who took the poll. Each response shows the respondent’s IP address that you can test using a service like IP lookup. Each response also comes with a timestamp, so you can see how long each person spent.
  • Can I see examples of the final report?
    Yes, please visit: http://greglinginsight.com/poll-recruitment/ to see this
  • I need to recruit a special target audience (like millennial gamers). Can you do this?
    Yes, simply order the custom audience gig addon. For complex recruitment needs, please contact me first.
  • I have another question or special requirement not listed here.
    Please visit http://greglinginsight.com/poll-recruitment/ for more information. Also, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.