I will have 10 people take the 5 second website test

have 10 people take the 5 second website test
have 10 people take the 5 second website test
have 10 people take the 5 second website test

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Description Basic Standard Premium
  Ask 10 people if they understand what they saw Everything in basic, plus ask them if it seems trustworthy Everything in standard, plus see if they can recall what they saw
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About This Gig

First impressions are the most important thing in not just dating, but website usability or design.

In fact, in only 5 seconds, your visitor should be able to know what your site or logo is designed to sell and feel if it seems trustworthy. If they can't, it's likely they'll lose interest and leave.

That's why the 5-second test is one of the most important usability tests you can run.

In this gig,10 random people will review your site or logo FOR EXACTLY 5 seconds, and then answer these questions about it:

In the basic package, we'll test understanding of what they saw:

"What product do you think this company sells?" 

In the standard package, we'll ALSO test how much they trust the design:

"Rate the quality of the page/ logo between 1 (worst) and 5 (best)" 

In the premium package, we'll ALSO test brand recall:

"What was the company name?" 

Additional recommended extras:

  • 5 second optimization guide- A written report explains how to improve first impressions
  • Add questions - Include any other question you might want to ask
  • Custom audience - recruit any audience you want to take the test

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who takes the test?
    I recruit random US consumers (or you can specify any target audience you want). For more information on how I do this, please check out my FAQs at greglinginsight.com
  • How do I know they only review it for 5 seconds?
    I use special software to expose them to the stimulus (ie. your website or logo) for just 5 seconds.
  • What do I get out of this test?
    I'll provide you with a report showing the answers to the questions that were asked. You can also order an optimization report (extra) to determine ways to improve your first impressions.
  • Who are you and why should I trust you with my hard earned $5?
    I have been doing market research and strategy for top ad agencies for 13 years. I've been doing Fiverr work for a while now and have thousands of happy customers. All I do is customer feedback work. You can learn more about me & my services on Fiverr at greglinginsight.com