I will facilitate Auric Clearing Session

facilitate Auric Clearing Session
facilitate Auric Clearing Session

About This Gig

Auric Clearing Session

I am a experienced distant energy healing facilitator and in this session
I will connect to you on a quantum level and facilitate
an Auric Clearing session for you.

With the auric clearing session I focus on transmuting the
auric attachments that you have clearing the highest priority
energetic blockages for you in the best possible way for
you in line with your Higher Self.

The Auric Clearing session is a very powerful session intended to
clear the highest priority blockages within your auric field so
that you can increase your flow of energy dramatically through
your multi dimensional energetic circulatory system.

Permanently transmuting the blockages that may be causing
you to have low energy and clearing the source of un-desired
energy patterns that are reeking havoc and chaos in your life.

Think of it as an Energetic Tune Up for YOU! An Emotional
energetic massage.

Allowing you to experience more energy while raising your
frequency and giving you a greater peace of mind and clarity.

I appreciate your interest and I look forward to facilitating
this for you.