I will help you with your bucket list

help you with your bucket list

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Do you ever feel like you're stuck in life and don't know how to achieve more goals? Maybe all you need is a little push, someone who would gladly help you to organize your tasks on a Bucket list, or help you coming up with new goals. I don't offer money as support, but I gladly help you to build up a massive and creative list of goals, easy and difficult challenges as well. Also, if you're stuck with your list and don't know how to move forward, how to find or create opportunities to check off a few items from your list... try another set of eyes.

I speak from experience, my first bucket list had a 100 items on it, and I checked off almost half of them in just a year, by not letting anything to get in my way. By putting family and work aside, I quit smoking, managed to visit 25 countries, get a tattoo, bake a cake, give blood, burn money, skydive, paraglide, go caving, hitchhike, walk on fire, be a clown doctor and many other things as well. I learned, that with enough effort, most things are possible. But sometimes, that little push or some inspiration is all it takes to go for it.

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Help with your bucket list

Brainstorming, about your life goals with you, building a list or help to check something off it.