I will share my advice and answer questions as an author

share my advice and answer questions as an author

About This Gig

Tens of millions of people around the world read works of fiction every year.  Many of those people dream of writing their own short stories and novels, based on their own creative ideas, and gaining critical acclaim and monetary reward for their new hobby. But, most people aren't sure where to begin, and don't have the time or money for creative writing classes.

For only $5, I will send you my official creative writing advice guide, and I will answer 10 of your questions (as detailed as you like!) about writing and getting published! 

The guide will give you the knowledge and recommendations you need, based on my experience as a writer, to get started writing your own short stories and novels, and getting them published.  It will take work on your part to grow as a writer, but for only $5 you can benefit from my experience to get you into the world of creative writing today!

And, if you have any specific questions about your own work, writing in general, how to get started, how to get published, etc, I will answer ten of those questions, along with the guide, for only $5 here through Fiverr!