I will build your custom Bubble application

build your custom Bubble application
build your custom Bubble application

About This Gig

Custom Web Application?  $10,000 you say?  Not with Bubble.is!  I'm Greg, the 1st Bubble.is developer on Fiverr.  Let me show you, for 5$, what's possible with Bubble.is.  Take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ydil9GnP0SQ to see what's possible.  http://www.bubble.is is more than a "web page generator", its a tool for building complex, customizable web applications.

Ok ok, so your in-house dev says "you're gonna get locked in, and it'll have X problem, and Y deficit, and it can't do what I can do"...well, shouldn't that developer be doing THEIR job, not building some other stuff?  

Web applications are like amusement parks.  Amusement parks all have to have parking lots, fences, security, ticket sales, etc...but those "parenthesis" have nothing to do with what's inside, be it a "family farm" or a "teen-centered rollercoaster park".

Let Bubble.is do the boring stuff, and stay focused on your roller coaster! 

NOTE: The pictures in my gallery are of other example Bubble.is sites.  I did not make them!

Thanks for your time!

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Unlock the power of Bubble.is! Build a custom site to begin your custom web application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work for Bubble.is?
    Nope, I'm an independent consultant.
  • Can't I do this myself?
    Yep! You can take the Bubble.is training, and figure it out. Its really cool. What I hope to do is help you understand what you want to do, in the larger sense of design. I have cloud programming experience and Bubble.is can connect to external services, e.g., store large files in the cloud.
  • What's the difference between 'web site' and 'web application'?
    You can read a web site about dog toys. You can use a web application to buy, design, and, review dog toys. Web applications can have custom business logic, connect to external services, receive events/messages from external services etc. A web page is a document.
  • Can you give me an example of an "external service"?
    1) Store photos from Bubble.is on Google Cloud Storage 2) Receive stock prices from an exchange and display them in Bubble.is apps 3) Trigger IFTTT and Zapier workflows from your Bubble.is app 4) Display videos / images from multitudes of sources in your Bubble.is app
  • I'm a business person. Can you help me break down the tech babble?
    Yes! I sold my first business at age 16, and learned programming soon after, so I call myself a "business person first." I can speak English, as well as technobabble!
  • I'm a hardcore Javascript front-end / golang / linux internals programmer. Can you ACTUALLY talk to a hacker?
    Yes! I wedged a virtual memory system into System 3 UNIX 21 years ago. I've recently delivered a gas metering system that has 8 billion rows in Google's NDB NoSQL database surrounded by a bunch of Python-enabled endpoints as well as a 145 node click-fraud system. I can hack it!
  • Why Bubble.is? Why not just 'hack a site together'?
    Do you want to chop wood and build a campfire, or do you want eat a steak that got cooked on a BBQ? Personally, I'm tired of the "CRUD" work (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Create,_read,_update_and_delete) and want to focus on the core of my startup, so I use Bubble.is myself for that very reason.