I will send a letter or postcard to anyone you want

send a letter or postcard to anyone you want
send a letter or postcard to anyone you want

About This Gig

Hey there! 

Do you have to send out a bunch of Thank You letters now that the holidays are over? Your great-uncles sister-in-laws fifth removed cousin having a birthday and you're too busy to write a card? Are you traveling and don't feel like writing home? Is someone you know in the hospital and could use some cheering up?

Or do you want to pick a random address from Google and send someone a letter 'just because'? ;)

These are all great reasons to send someone a card or a letter, and I'm your person to send that letter. 

I will send a postcard or a full one-page letter to anyone you want, on whatever topic you want, from whoever you want. You can provide me with a lot of detail - or just let me have at it. Either way, shoot me an email with what you're thinking and we'll figure it out, no problem. 

You can send your letter anywhere in the world. 

I will send it for free in the United States, but for just a little extra in shipping, I will send your letter anywhere in the world!!

Do you need to send a bunch of letters?

  • Buy 5, GET 3 FREE 
  • Buy 10, GET 10 FREE (postcards only) 

Make sure to mention in the message you send me with all the info that you want these deals! =) 

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7 days delivery