I will create a power of attorney for you for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
create a power of attorney for you
create a power of attorney for you

About This Gig

 The simplest thing can become quite complicated should you get injured at work or in an accident or become incapacitated.

 Paying your bills, getting medical records, banking, medical or legal paperwork; taking care of almost every affair that occurs on a daily basis.

 That is why you should have a Power of Attorney.

 A Power of Attorney is a Legal Document that authorizes your Agent to act on your behalf during your illness or incapacitation.

 A Power of Attorney is drafted before an illness or incapacitation and is  required at most hospitals, banks, and insurance companies in order for you to act on someone else’s behalf.

 I can draft a Power of Attorney that will assist you in making sure your affairs can be attended to during an illness or incapacitation.

 We are not creating an attorney-client relationship & none is offered. I am merely offering information for educational purposes.