I will get you out of jury duty

get you out of jury duty

About This Gig

Want to get out of jury duty? If you have to go to court, I can provide a few responses that should get you off a potential jury trial!

If you get selected for a criminal or civil trial I can provide you with a few responses that will assist you in getting out of that jury box!

Jury trials start with a questioning of a potential juror. How you answer those questions determines if you stay or get seated on that jury.

I've tried over 100 jury cases. I've heard every juror excuse!

But I let go jurors who uttered these responses!

Gig offering for $5
Will provide you with a few responses for pre-jury selection.

Will provide a few responses if you're selected for criminal trial or civil trial.
PLEASE NOTE:         

I'm licensed in NJ & my advice is based on NJ experience. My advice may not be applicable in your particular state or location.

We are not creating an attorney-client relationship and none is offered. I am merely offering information for educational purposes.

No guarantees offered that responses will get you out of jury selection/duty.