I will prepare a SIMPLE shoprright doctrine assignment

prepare a SIMPLE  shoprright doctrine assignment

About This Gig

 An Assignment of Rights that relates to the shopright doctrine might be necessary, if your workers are creating things (apps, code, graphics, etc) for your business.

 An Assignment of Rights should be drafted before an employee begins work for your company. That sis called a Pre-invention Assignment.

 Paragraphs include a general assignment, disclosure; power of attorney of work product, and hold over clause.

  I can draft a SIMPLE  Assignment of Rights. Anything more detailed would require extra gigs.

 PLEASE NOTE, asking questions is fine but  I can not provide legal advice or spend time answering several questions before a gig starts. For more detailed questions I will provide a custom order.

  We are not creating an attorney-client relationship & none is offered. I am merely offering information for educational purposes.

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Assignment of Rights

Simple Assignment of Rights for employees