I will write a legal letter for you

write a legal letter for you

About This Gig

I will write a legal letter for you.  

  • Credit Card  Letter ~ cease & desist letter to collection company
  • Demand Letter ~ to get someone to do something they are legally required to do;
  • Landlord  Letter ~ to get your Landlord to make repairs; to give Landlord notice about moving
  • Roommate Letter ~ put them on notice of issues affecting your living conditions

Once you request the gig, I might have a few questions to properly compose the legal letter for you.

 The letter will be a composed letter, which I will email to you & you can fill in various names, addresses and dates. This letter will NOT be on legal letterhead.

PLEASE NOTE:         

I am a NJ attorney & my advice is based on my NJ experience. My advice may not be applicable in your particular state or location.

 My written answer may not entirely resolve your problem or issue. But my answer will provide the starting blocks on how you can go forward.

 We are not creating an attorney-client relationship and none is offered. 

This is a limited scope work product.