I will heal you with the Element of Fire

heal you with the Element of Fire
heal you with the Element of Fire

About This Gig

Greetings, I am GuildMaster0. I am an Elemental Sorcerer.

I have been practicing Magic for almost all my life, I have gained and lost things of importance, but that is the way of Magic.

Many do not know that the elements of fire, wind, earth and water can be used to heal. Elemental Sorcery has been used since ancient times for healing purposes, especially in Asia.

I will invoke the element of fire and I will direct it to you, healing you from :

  • Physical pain- headaches, muscle pain, body pain ( neck, back, legs etc.)
  • Emotional pain- depression, traumas ( for trauma's contact me first, because It might take many sessions in order to heal)
  • Negative Energy
  • and more.

Note- I cannot heal incurable illnesses like diabetes, cancer, tumor and so on.

The healing process will be held as a session of 20 minutes ( you can order more than 1 session), in which you must be laying on a bed or sitting on a chair in a comfortable for you position. 

Thank you for your precious time, if you do have any kind of questions, please contact me.

" Nothing Is Impossible"

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Healing with the Element of Fire

I will heal your body and energy with the Element of Fire.

1 day delivery