I will post Your Youtube Music Video On My VIDEO Blog

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by extralars 2 months ago
top gig will be back for more !!!!
Reviewed by juniorturner84 over 3 years ago
Super Awesome Gig!!! Thank You
Reviewed by thearamis over 3 years ago
thanks again and glad you liked the song!! #Holdup
Reviewed by theolodge1 over 3 years ago
post Your Youtube Music Video On My VIDEO Blog

About This Gig

I will post your music video on my music blog focused on new artists who promote their music. The blog receive a lot of daily traffic. I will re direct my visitors to your music video and if you provide a iTunes link it will be clickable right under the video to help you generate more sales.

This is the perfect gig for you if you are an independent artist or manage independent artists and you  want to gather more fans form a site with membership growing daily; if you need more social proof; social signals and back links to your music naturally created. I always include bonuses worth more than the gig itself. Please ask me any question you want before ordering. Blog available for Hip Hop, R & B . I will send you the URL. THis is a video site for YOUTUBE LINK ONLY!