I will give you Eat Stop Eat eBook and Quick Start Guide eBook

give you Eat Stop Eat eBook and Quick Start Guide eBook
give you Eat Stop Eat eBook and Quick Start Guide eBook

About This Gig

The author of Eat Stop Eat — Brad Pilon — has studied over 317 peer reviewed scientific research papers. He continues to devour every new piece of scientific evidence linked to Intermittent Fasting. And…

The benefits of the simple strategy he created are shocking. Here’s what you can expect...

  • An Increase In Your #1 Fat Burning Hormone By 700%
  • Control of Your “Hunger Hormone” and an End to Cravings
  • A Decrease In Your Stress Hormone So You Burn More Belly Fat
  • Increase in Your Brain Function For Better Memory and Concentration
  • And a Boost In Your Metabolism & Energy
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes & an Easing of Symptoms
  • Increased Testosterone If You’re a Man
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity So You Can Eat More & Stay Slim
  • Faster Weight Loss
  • Decreased Inflammation So Your Joints Heal & Feel Better
  • Rapid Cleansing & Renewal of Your Body At a Cellular Level
  • And much more...

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Eat Stop Eat eBook

Over 317 peer-reviewed studies prove the surprising health benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to lose fat and gain muscle. Can I do both with Eat Stop Eat?
    Absolutely. In Eat Stop Eat I outline exactly how you can build muscle while also losing body fat, just like Doctor Kevin. You can check out the chapter ‘Fasting and your muscle mass’ for more information.
  • I’ve heard that women shouldn’t follow diets that involve missing meals, is this true?
    The Eat Stop Eat style of eating has helped thousands of women lose weight - Just look at the results of Benita, Tracey and Roberta! In fact, there is an entire chapter in Eat Stop Eat devoted to helping women get the absolute best results possible from Eat Stop Eat, you can check out the chapter
  • Do you think the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle would be beneficial to someone who is simply trying to maintain his or her current weight?
    Yes. Eat Stop Eat provides a simple way to lose weight, and to also maintain your weight. The trick is in the timing. If you want to be like Officer Mike and not only lose weight, but keep it off, You can check out the chapter ‘How to keep it off’ for more information