I will cast a MAYAN spell for supreme protection

cast a MAYAN spell for supreme protection
cast a MAYAN spell for supreme protection

About This Gig

The world around us is full of swirling energy. Despite being an unseen force, this energy is nonetheless a powerful force of nature. Different kinds of energy can have a massive impact on our lives; some positive and some negative. If you are drawn to a need of protection, I can help.

I will cast an ancient Mayan spell that creates an extremely powerful sphere of personal energy. This sphere acts as a shield, and can protect people from the harmful effects of negative energy, particularly in energy toxic environments (both physical and emotional).

I am one of the few people in the world who can perform this spell. For its invocation, I require at least four hours of meditation and channeling. This effort creates a powerful shield, however as with all forms of energy intervention, the longer the duration of my focus, the stronger the effects.

I can also provide protection for a family in need. With the aid of three disciples we can combine our efforts and cast a protection sphere for more than one person. Please see my gig extras for stronger protection, and for spells involving multiple people.

Please contact me to learn how this spell can be customized to suit your needs.

Order Details

One Day Spell

Perform the protection spell for a day to create a shield around you

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this spell really work?
    Yes, I have been preforming it for decades and I have had excellent feedback from my clients, both individuals and families alike. I have also preformed this spell on myself with the assistance of disciples and I am pleased with the results.
  • Will this spell protect me from physical harm?
    This spell is not a medical intervention, and it will not prevent imminent physical harm. It will, however, disrupt the energy around you, which may lead to avoiding physical harm through the repellence of negative energy. Please contact me with specific protection related questions.