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make Anyone  ATTRACTED to You

About This Gig

There is no magic, no mysticism, or tricks to my service. Though little understood, this service is backed by science.

I have cultivated telepathic skills which allow me to send messages to the minds of other people no matter where they are in the world. Through careful analysis of your aura and energy patterns I can determine which message will have the greatest effect in arousing attraction by the person of your choice towards you.

Anyone can develop these skills with sufficient training, and the results are proven and backed by the scientific field of telepathy and personal aura recognition.

With the aid of focusing methods, I project a message of love and understanding into the mind of your ex. Over time, this suggestion takes root and stimulates brain waves into suggesting the content of the message.

The longer the message is sent, the higher impact it will have. If you are good friends already then at least a week of telepathic messaging is recommended. For casual acquaintance longer periods of messaging is recommended.

Message me today to learn how telepathic messaging can help anyone fall in love with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can telepathic messaging cause harm to the intended target?
    Absolutely not. Telepathic messaging is a passive brain wave influence. The message that is transmitted is received as if it were a natural thought that the target would have and cannot cause harm in any way.
  • What ‘focusing methods’ do you use?
    Telepathic messaging is a skill like painting or playing an instrument. In order to effectively send messages, I light a specific kind of candle that uses a variety of rare oils. The effect of the burning candle creates a trance-like ambiance in the room which focuses the ability to send messages.
  • Does this service really work?
    Yes, telepathic messaging is a proven scientific field. Approx. 50% of my clients see results within 3 months. 80% see results within 6 months. Only 20% of clients have reported no results. The effectiveness of the messaging is subject to a number of factors, not all of which are within my control.