I will tell you Anyones INNERMOST thoughts

tell you Anyones INNERMOST thoughts

About This Gig

Through the art of Telepathy it is possible for me to read the mind of your choice, anywhere in the world!

Ask any question, know any secret!

Through nearly 30 years of dedicated learning, practice and understanding I have mastered an ancient Mayan telepathy technique known to only a handful of individuals globally.

It is through this art that I will answer your questions.

Please note: Due to the sensitivity of this subject I will NOT take on any gigs that are illegal or otherwise immoral. I reserve the right to cancel a request I find to be morally inappropriate.

One question is answered per gig; please purchase multiple gigs for multiple questions. 

You can check out the gig extras if you would like to send a message telepathically to a person's mind or implant an idea in their brain.

If you’re not satisfied with the results, I offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Everything discussed between you and I will be completely confidential, no part of an order will ever be disclosed to anyone other than you or me.

Special offer! 2 questions per mind answered in this gig for the next 10 customers only!

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Read Mind

Read any mind to answer questions

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions