I will transform Your FORTUNE in Love and Wealth

transform Your FORTUNE in Love and Wealth

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  Meditate for 4 hours to open you primary chakra which will transform your luck Meditate for 8 hours to open all the 5 chakras which will transform your luck completely Meditate for 8 hours for 3 straight days to open up the chakras permanently
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About This Gig

Why are some of us consistently successful and living their lives the way they dreamed, while others face seemingly endless challenges?

The answer lies in COSMIC ENERGY around a person. The world around us is full of energy. For many it is unseen, but it can have a tremendous impact on the paths that our lives follow. Traditionally, the effect that energy has on us is known as luck or fortune.

The importance of being lucky is often overlooked - it is more than fable. What we call LUCK is a concrete manifestation of the energy in our lives. When the energy changes around a person, that person’s life can change as well. This can mean more success, more attractiveness to others, and new wealth in your life.

A negative change in energy can create new challenges and hurdles. Don’t let this be YOU.

The FAQ section explains the expected results and timelines. 

Through extensive training, I have cultivated the ability to influence the energy around us. This is not magic or mysticism; it is a skill that can be learned.With the help of focusing aids, I can project an energy influence to improve your luck with impressive results that can literally change your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this service really work?
    Yes, energy influence is a quantifiable phenomenon back by the scientific field of energy and personal auras. With the help of focusing aids, I have learned the ability to change the energy fields of people around the world for impressive and dramatic results.
  • How much money can I expect to gain? Can you make a specific person fall in love?
    There would be no way to predict a specific cash value, and wealth comes in many forms. A new car, luck on a mortgage application, or a windfall are all reported results. Increased energy levels result in increased interest from the opposite sex, to target a single person please message me.
  • How soon can I expect results?
    As with any energy-based influence, the longer the duration of my focus, the more pronounced the effect will be on your business. The energy starts getting channeled from day one and you can start seeing the effects in as soon as a month.