I will create a promotional app for your business

create a promotional app for your business
create a promotional app for your business

About This Gig

I will develop a promotional custom mobile app for your business, organization or church and publish it on multiple platforms (depending on your choice). The "Pay-As-You-Go" building plan is as follows:

1) I Sketch a story board of how the app will play in accordance with previous input and consultations. $25.00

2) Generally a promotional app consists of eight to twelve individual functionalities. These usually include a "menu" page with custom icons, an "introduction" page, an "about" page, a "products" or "services" page, a "contact us" page, a continuing interest "content" page,  "blog" or "website" hot links pages, a "call to action" or "buy now" page and an in-app "payment gateway". 

3) Each functionality is a separate gig based on a specific story board/quote as per agreed upon components, copy writing, graphics, videos, voice over narration and background music. Each functionality/story board requires another $25.00 gig

4) A functionality (video, slide show, catalog or services explainer) with three minutes play will cost about $250.00 or roughly $84.00 per finished minute.

5) We build the app together, piece by piece ... gig by gig ... with you, the buyer in total control.

Order Details

3 days delivery 3 Revisions

Comprehensive story board

An illustrated overview of the functionalities that will be in your app.

  • App Submission
  • Splash Screen
  • 3 Operating Systems
  • App Icon