I will interpret your dream or nightmare

interpret your dream or nightmare

About This Gig

Let your dreams speak to you!  Tell me your dream or nightmare & I will interpret it -- not just the obvious symbolism (anyone can do that) but the deep message that the Universe is sending you.  The Divine Mind has its own mysterious way of communicating ... I can serve as conduit to get you the information which is deeply embedded in your dreams.  Sometimes the message is, shall we say, counter-intuitive: for instance, a dream of falling out of an airplane might just mean that someone very close to you is going to get married, while another time it might mean that you are going to get a new job or that you are in danger of making the wrong decision or that a long-lost friend is going to re-enter your life.  I have decades of experience as a working psychic.  I can help you prepare yourself for life-changes large or small which your dreams are trying to communicate.

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