I will send you any book you want

send you any book you want
send you any book you want

About This Gig

Tired of trying to find some document and just getting a sample or, even worse, getting malware such as a virus or a trojan horse?
Tired of seeing a pop-up after or over some pages you really need to access?
Can't afford a specific book but really need it?
Want some book in a different language but can't get it?

I will provide you with any book you want/need in digital format. Malware free and a full version. Several languages available.

If you are interested in a paper, an article or an essay, there is a good chance I might be able to send it to you.

Other types of documents are also available, with varying degrees of success.

Due to the varying probabilities of success, I kindly ask you to contact me before placing an order so I can best assist you, telling you if I can get itfree of charge!

Order Details

Ebooks, papers & other written file

I will send all books & almost all articles you may want. Other written documents are also available

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1 day delivery