I will give you real Business Opportunity for $5

/ 2 Days On Average

About This Gig


Start Selling Software In 60 Minutes With ZERO Capital Investment

Thousands of software applications are being sold on eBay and other online portals every day and many people are making a living selling software, all without investing any money.

THIS IS A LEGAL BUSINESS. I will give you information on how to access over 300,000 pieces of software to start your business.

Reasons for buying this Software Business Opportunity document:

  • It contains almost everything you need to know to start your software business;

  • It is written in plain English and easy to understand;
  • It gives examples and scenarios to support its reasoning;
  • The cost of this document can be set against initial business startup expense;
  • The nominal price of this document (£9.99) will easily be recovered by the savings in time and learning.

For 1 Gig (Fiver) -

  • I will show you where to access the open source software.
  • I will provide you with 15+ pages of guidance on this software business opportunity that requires no capital investment. 

The normal price is £9.99 and I am offering this for 1 Gig ($5) which is 60% discount.