I will ghost write interesting children short stories on any genre

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ghost write interesting children short stories on any genre

About This Gig

Children are like little flower buds and they build up the future. As a flower bud needs enough protection and nutrition to bloom into a beautiful flower a child needs proper guidance and over-showering love for them to be great citizens one day. And I am here to take that responsibility to guide them well through my writings while touching their beautiful hearts softly.

Being an English teacher for around five years and having taught many little children, I had the chance to thoroughly study and understand their thoughts and behavior.

Short story writing embedded with powerful creativity is something that I am born to do. And the wonderful experience I had with the beautiful little children had bestowed on me another talent where I am able to write interesting and meaningful stories according to the sweet imagination of children.

Every word that will be written in the story will be done intended for a good purpose and subliminal messages will be not be conveyed.

I accept custom offers so feel free to send me one if the story to be written exceeds 500 words.

I would highly appreciate if you would converse with me before placing any order.

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An interesting children short story

A beautiful story with a meaningful and catchy plot will be written.

  • Up to 500 Words
4 days delivery unlimited Revisions