I will help you make your social media go viral

help you make your social media go viral
help you make your social media go viral
help you make your social media go viral

About This Gig

Get Access to the Online Web App That Will Help You Increase Traffic, Sales and More!

This software leverages two most important elements: images and videos, to bring in unlimited free viral traffic.

By integrating psychological boosters in your image, your visitors are guaranteed to click on your links, giving more exposure to your offers, stores, affiliate links or optin pages so you could get profitable fast.

Plus SyndSocial dynamic videos turn even an ordinary video into a viral video that attracts views, subscribers and customers like a magnet.

Here are just some of the features of SyndSocial:

Post clickable images to popular social networks and stop leaking leads and sales when your visitors ignore your call-to-action.

Then with dynamic videos, you can FORCE your users to checkout your offers or subscribe to your list – for a massive snow ball effect bringing in viral traffic at your command.

This software truly will eliminate all your traffic worries once and for all!

NOTE: Because this a web app, where you can sign up with your own username and password, their will be NO REFUNDS once delivered!

Order Details

2 days delivery


SyndSocial supports Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SyndSocial compatible with my Mac?
    This is a web-based app, so it’s compatible with any Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • Is SyndSocial mobile friendly?
    Yes, the clickable images and dynamic videos produced by SyndSocial render beautifully on mobile devices.
  • Is SyndSocial difficult to install?
    Because this is web-based, there is nothing to install. You create your clickable images and dynamic videos right inside our dashboard. You also share your creations over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter directly from our dashboard as well, which saves you tons of time logging in-and-out of accounts.
  • I really don't like making videos. So how can SyndSocial be right for me?
    You don’t have to make your own videos. You can use any YouTube or Vimeo video in your campaigns. Simply add your own headline, description and call-to-action (takes mere minutes) and SyndSocial will start driving viral traffic and grabbing you fresh leads for your email list.
  • Why is having the ability to make images clickable with SyndSocial an advantage?
    Creating clickable images to any URL is a massive advantage for any marketer. Usually Facebook makes you post the link in the comments below the image. This makes people miss the link. Now, you have the ability to do that and more!
  • Will SyndSocial allow me to post affiliate links with my images without getting blocked by social media networks?
    Yes! SyndSocial’s proprietarty technology allows you to post to social networks without getting blocked. This feature alone is like money in the bank for affiliate marketers.
  • How are the dynamic videos superior compared to just posting a regular marketing video to my social media accounts?
    The single biggest benefit from the dynamic videos is that you can require your audience to share your video post, or opt-in to your list to watch the video. This means you’ll get a) motivated subscribers, eager-to-buy, and b) viral traffic from social shares.