I will friend you on Kik and we can talk

friend you on Kik and we can talk

About This Gig


Looking for a friend? Need someone to vent to about your day? Scared about a test, but don't wanna talk to those around you? Or just maybe a shoulder to cry on? Well no need to fear, I will gladly listen to almost anything you have to say.

A few things to consider before writing me:
1) I do not cyber! I am a married woman and will not be doing anything sexual with you.
2) No harassment and I am not a licensed therapist. Think of me as just one person giving friendly advice to another.
3) Nothing illegal please, any links to anything inappropriate and there will be a ban put on you with no refund.

Now a little about me, I am 27 year old female who lives in NYC. I love being able to meet new people and I am always willing to make a new friend. Please feel free to write me if you have any questions!!

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Chat away

I will friend and talk to you about anything as long as it doesn't involve you trying to cyber

1 day delivery