I will create a voiceover for you

create a voiceover for you
create a voiceover for you

About This Gig

I will voice your advert, jingle or narrative in a southern English voice. I work on radio and can guarantee a professional result, using only top of the range equipment. The audio you can hear is an example of the quality you will get. 

Just let me know how you want your text read - it can be upbeat and energetic, or moderately paced, or downright sombre... the choice is yours!

20 seconds (about 50 words) is one gig. If you want more, buy more gigs! All of my work will be delivered in the format you specify, whether WAV or MP3, and at any bit rate or sample rate. The default is 44.1KHz, 192Kbps, 16bit - which is CD quality. If you want higher (or lower) then just let me know.

Remember, this is for the dry voice only, not for a mixed jingle or sweeper.

Order Details

5 days delivery