I will polish your voiceover gigs for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
polish your voiceover gigs
polish your voiceover gigs

About This Gig

Not everyone has the luxury of a treated room, studio to record their voice overs for Fiverr,nor an extensive collection of tools to treat the problems that arise thereof for those gigs where it has to be right, maybe that one P popped too much, overly sibilant esses  appear or your fridge came on mid-take ( yeah it happens) 

Using the latest audio repair and restoration software I'll take your already high quality file and make it better. 
What I can do well.
  • remove transients,clicks pops and other momentary noises 
  • Reduce sibilant/plosive,mouth noises,hiss,popping P's etc , speech or vocals
  • remove hums ,buzzes, ac rumble. 
  • recreate a consistent background 

This is not an editing gig, e.g, if you have multiple issues I will refer you to my other gig.


This gig is for people creating voice overs so I expect the files are fairly high quality to begin with,You may be on a deadline so the turn around time will be quick, please don't  assume that it will be within the a couple of hours without contacting me prior.  1 gig = 5 mins single file  , same source. 

I want to do the best job I can for you, which means saying no on occasion