I will proofread up to 1000 words

proofread up to 1000 words
proofread up to 1000 words

About This Gig

I will proofread up to 1000 words, checking for spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.  I will not rewrite your document: I think it's important to maintain an author's voice. But I will make suggestions for tightening up your prose and improving awkward phrasing if necessary. 

I am an amateur proofreader with a strong writing and academic background. I have a Ph.D. from Yale and have published several nonfiction books with major academic presses, including Yale University Press and The Johns Hopkins University Press. I've been proofreading manuscripts for friends and family for years--everything from school essays and press releases to academic papers and unpublished novels. I would be happy to do the same for you. 


  • grant proposals
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • blog posts
  • website descriptions
  • letters of recommendation
  • app descriptions
  • magazine submission
  • college essays

Please submit a Microsoft Word file. I will edit your document using Track Changes in Word.