I will make a realistic testimonial video for you

make a realistic testimonial video for you

About This Gig

Hello, for $5 only i will provide a natural looking testimonial video for you. I can provide a testimonial for any type of content, ranging from funny testimonial videos to corporate videos. Basically anything you need me to say in 3 types of settings available.

Things needed for the order to proceed:

  • A script of 200 words or less, that you want me to speak.

  • Outfit; casual, business, or anything specific.

  • The mood how you want me to portray your script. Hyped, depressed, ecstatic.

  • Anything else that you need is necessary for your video.

Output video format will be 1080p, you can ask for your specific video format.
Once the final video is completed and meets all requirement, there will be no addition done later. you will have to Re-order.

Order Details