I will create a privacy policy for your website

create a privacy policy for your website

About This Gig

What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a document that is uniquely tailored to your 'website' that discloses the details of what you will do with the information you gather from your visitors, and how exactly you intend to store and manage it. 

Do I need a privacy policy?

Do you have an online 'site' that collects information, processes payments, displays third party advertisements, and/or has links to other sites outside of yours?
Then the answer is, YES!

What will you receive?   

Purchase this Gig and receive a uniquely tailored privacy policy for your 'site'. This privacy policy will ensure your coverage from all legal, online perspectives. 

All policies will differ in length depending on website specifications. Generally speaking, these policies are 2 pages in length. 

Why us? 

Our high level, Canadian, commerce graduates have had extensive exposure to eCommerce and eBusiness material. We deliver 100% quality, 100% of the time!