I will create a personalised meditation for you

create a personalised meditation for you
create a personalised meditation for you

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Description Novice Intermediate Pro
  10 minutes of guided beginner's meditation, focusing on relaxation and visualisation. 15 minutes of guided meditation, focusing on creating space between the self and negative chatter. 20 minutes of semi-guided meditation, focused on creating lasting mindfulness in everyday life.
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About This Gig

The benefits of meditation are immense.

A regular meditation practice has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, increase happiness and even slow down the aging process.

I will help you to familiarise yourself with this ancient technique using guided meditation recordings that will be available to you at any time. In my meditation practice I focus on stress relief, mindfulness and visualisations. 

All of the meditations I make for you will be customised based on your needs and can be listened to as many times as you wish. Even one can last you a long time. 

I offer three stages of meditation style; novice, intermediate and pro, so please choose based on your previous experience and time preference. 

To increase the benefit of your meditation practice, I recommend listening to the affirmations bundle immediately after finishing the meditation. This is when the mind is most relaxed and most capable of forming new, positive self-beliefs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my meditation(s) really be personalised?
    Yes! Every order is custom-made based on your own preferences and needs.