I will answer any IRS Tax question

answer any IRS Tax question
answer any IRS Tax question

About This Gig

Do you have an IRS related tax question? Would you like to ask a question that may potentially increase your refund or reduce your tax debt LEGALLY?

Ask the professional!

I am Licensed Tax Practitioner in the State of New Jersey. I advise individuals and businesses on complex tax issues.

Typical questions:
  • Do I need to file a tax return?
  • What entity type should I use for my business? (LLP, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Sole Prop)
  • What qualifies as a business expense?
  • What form(s) should I use?
  • What will happen if I liquidate my 401k or IRA?
  • How do I get an EIN Number?
  • Do I need to collect Sales tax?
  • How do I find a licensed tax professional?
  • What is my filing status?
  • Can I claim a dependent?

I have successfully advised my clients through the years. Allow me to help you. Ask Now!

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Basic IRS Questions

Covers only basic questions related to filing, forms and status

3 days delivery