I will do research and gather resources

do research and gather resources

About This Gig

Researching can be time consuming. If you do not have time to research your topic or wish to learn more about a topic, this gig is for you. As a doctoral level student with years of researching experience, I will use my skills to research and gather relevant resources on your topic that will enhance your knowledge base about a topic as you write your research papers, blog post, or as you learn about your topic as a hobby. 

I can research and summarize resources for academic purposes including:
  • Annotated bibliography
  • General essays
  • Literature reviews
  • Reflective writing, and more!

Additionally, if you are writing a blog post, I will gather resources that will help you write your article (I believe writing is a gift and everyone has the ability to write great stuff).

Maybe you want to learn and read about a specific interest of topic. I will gather articles and information relevant to your interest as you start to learn more about your interest or hobby.

You will receive a Word document with the links to the resources and a brief summary of each and why they are relevant to your topic. Start building your resources now! 

Send me a message for more complex research projects. 

Order Details

3 days delivery

Research Topic

This research package includes research on your topic with 5 resources relevant to your topic

  • References & Citations
  • Additional Research