I will share messages from your spirit animal

share messages from your spirit animal
share messages from your spirit animal

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Description 1 card - Who is your spirit animal? Basic + What a certain animal means Standard + 3 card Animal Oracle
  Let spirit show you your totem animal and the meaning! Been seeing or dreaming of a certain animal a lot? I will share what it's message is for you! Standard + 3 card Animal Oracle reading! Ask any question or see what spirit has to share with you!
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About This Gig

As a Certified Holistic Life Coach and a Certified Angel Card Reader, as well as my other certifications, I choose to use my gifts in service to others.  It is my belief that all the answers we seek are within ourselves and sometimes we just need affirmation from our guides, angels and past loved ones to get us going in the right direction in life, love and our pursuits of passion.  

Animals are nature's messengers!  They have so much to tell us if we just would pay attention.  Just like we know a storm is coming if seagulls fly inland, every animal has a message.  What messages do they have for you?  Whether you are seeking to know what your spirit animal is or if you've been seeing or dreaming of a specific animal, let me share with you what their message is for you!  

If you this is you - great!  If you are seeking a Tarot reading, you may want to check out my Angel Tarot Readings offering. If wellness is a concern, check out my Chakra readings.  If you are looking to contact a past loved one, check out my Talking to Heaven reading.  Whatever, you're spiritual and holistic needs are, you will find it here.  Mind / Body / Soul.