I will provide you GR Ratings

provide you GR Ratings

About This Gig

******** Note this is a premium Gig, Buy with Confidence ********

Basic Gig
$5 = 10 r.a.t.i.n.g.s

Gig Extras
I can easily give you 50+ r.a.t.i.n.g.s, don't forget to order extras.

I will rate your book on Good Reads.

You should let me know your delivery expectation, I usually deliver slow to make it look more genuine, but I can provide according to your requirements.

NOTE: In light of recent changes GR had become very cautious, almost as cynical as Amazon, it seems to have updated it's detection algorithms. So, no matter how hard we try there's a chance GR would be one step ahead in detecting our v.o.t.e.s/ likes. 

For the same reason I cannot (and nobody can) guarantee how long v.o.t.e.s/ reviews will stick. I am, however, committing 6 weeks of support to all my customer, within which I'd get you back all the v.o.t.e.s/ reviews in case they go missing. 

Also, you can purchase a Gig extra (check the last one below) if you need an extended support.