I will do Tzeka Card Reading for your LOVE Affair

do Tzeka Card Reading for your LOVE Affair
do Tzeka Card Reading for your LOVE Affair
do Tzeka Card Reading for your LOVE Affair
do Tzeka Card Reading for your LOVE Affair

About This Gig

LOVE READINGS ONLY! Dear repeat buyers, please read what's NEW. Want to know more about a certain person in your life? I will do a special Tzeka Card Reading for you. A method transmitted for ages between women only, known by few today


Exclusively on Fiverr for $5 I will tell you about YOUR active, ex or wished relationship. ANY kind of couple (age/ gender), highly confidential, I do not need names


  • BASIC $5 Gig:

The 1 Card Reading: focus on one person and Tzeka will reveal the dominant issue in your relationship



Want more? A detailed reading? Have a specific QUESTION? Please order from the Extras accordingly. Tzeka will reveal hidden aspects & the potential for you now & in the close future. Not like you meet in 3 days, you’ll have 4 kids' etc. More useful.


NOTE: Psychic insight is offered for FREE! With the EXTRAS you buy the time needed for your readings as I concentrate on each 30 to 40 min


Started readings 25 years ago just for fun to soon realize that hidden information is revealed. Now you can try it too. I will help you clarify & make decisions. Feel free to message. I'm Europe Time Zone


More than 100 satisfied buyers! REVIEWS below :)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to order a detailed reading from the extras?
    The base order for a 1 card reading will show the dominant issue currently and in the close future generally. If you really want to get deeper, the detailed readings in the extras are recommended.
  • Do you do other kind of readings appart from readings about active, wished or ex relationships?
    With this Gig you will only get readings about romantic love and/ or sexual relationships.
  • Why do the detailed readings cost more than the base gig order?
    When you order this gig , you only pay for the time needed for your readings to be completed. Each detailed reading takes approximately 45 minutes, often more. The psychic work is and will always be offered for free. This is a principal.