About This Gig

*UPDATE 5/26/16: I am now setting my delivery time to FIVE days as orders are piling up and getting delivered late due to having an overwhelming amount of orders. Thank you for your orders! This will ensure I can deliver on time, and quality of the playing will not be affected**

*DISCLAIMER* This gig is NOT for custom songs or me composing music for you, this is for a GUITAR SOLO. There will be NO REVISIONS. PLEASE UNDERSTAND BEFORE ORDERING. This gig is for a 30 second-1 minute guitar solo. If you would like a 2 minute solo, order 2 gigs. Anything above 3 minutes, check out my gig extras! :) NO REVISIONS** 

Hey guys! I am a guitarist from LA and am looking to play on YOUR songs! ANY style! Love working on rock, metal, blues, country, EDM, fusion, etc. 

I will record a single stereo audio track in WAV 44.1k quality and send it to you for your song. Just provide the song(demo or finished song), the time marks and leave the rest to me! Check out the video to hear my versatility and ORDER NOW!

Can record with a Strat, Tele, Les Paul or Ibanez. Can play through Marshall Plexi, Peavey 5150, Vox AC30, or Fender Twin.