I will translate English to Hindi and Hindi to English

translate English to Hindi and Hindi to English

About This Gig

**Not another Cheap GIG**

I am Certified,senior PHD Hindi to ENGLISH  and English To Hindi Translator with Versatile experiences of 22 years. 

  • I have been Working Big scale agencies like LibreOffice, Firefox, Android, Microsoft for last 6 years. 
  • Presently I am working with Google as Content manager.
  • My service is provided under ERROR FREE OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for Lifetime.
  • I have Got consistent 5 star, 400+ reviews on other Websites. 

My Translation service is back After a year Pause Due to some Google OnSite translation Commitments. 

I will translate :- 

200 words - 1 Gig.

450 words - 2 Gigs. 
( 0.02$ per word for Large Projects. )

Please Note, It Generally Takes 1 hour To translate 100 words. So dont expect magical Quick Deliveries which other Promises
( because They edit Google translation but I 
recreate the source Words into the target aesthetically, Without the help of Any online tools. 

Extra fast dilivery = 1 day = 5$