I will drastically improve any photograph

drastically improve any photograph

About This Gig

I have many years of Photoshop experience, and now that I own the latest version of Photoshop - I feel that it would be only right for me to put that to good use!

Have you taken a photograph where something completely ruins it? For example, in the background of a family photo is a unknown object / person. With my Photoshop experience I would be able to get remove that. Please bare in mind that if the object in the background it too big, it would be very difficult for me to remove it!

 Not only that, I am able to improve the appearance of a personal photo - for example acne or dimples (not that there is anything wrong with either of these!) Below is a list of other services I offer within this gig!

-Backgroud Removal
-Resizing / Cropping
- Filters and effects
- Retouching and enhancement (EG Making a picture brighter and making it 'stand out' more.
-Retouching with realistic perfect skin
- Whitening teeth
- Body Shaping
You are able to pick it up for just $5! Limited time only!!

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Improve any photo

Tell me how I can improve your image and I will!

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