I will promote whatsapp message to 100 plus countries groups

promote whatsapp message  to 100 plus countries  groups
promote whatsapp message  to 100 plus countries  groups

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Description whatsapp 100 countries groups coach my secret method skype 30min unlimited friends skype/whatsapp 1h
  advertise to whatsapp 100+ geo targeted countries groups and more countries and members added daily I will coach you, on how to get whatsapp numbers of any countries on skype .Do this 15 min a day. I will coach you my secret method to get unlimited friends on whatsapp/skype both coach on skype.
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
Delivery time 1 day 1 day 1 day
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About This Gig

whatsapp viral marketing expert, social media influencer/social media expert. Suggested for those who want to make their message or content go viral.Leverage the power of whatsapp. We are the only one providing such an international exposure for small stakes.

I have succesfully run such campaigns for luxury, fashion, international brands, all internet marketing and web hosting services with incredible results.

You can provide me any format below.
text, image, audio or video (less than 5mb), location, vcard.

We can say it as a small risk or gamble.
If lucky, your content may go viral. It totally depends the curiosity,
interest, how valuable the product, service or business sparks interest for the audience. The result varies and I have no control.

Industralist, businessman, media and entertainment guys,B2B, B2C guys  are there in this group.

Benefits: Immediate traffic to your website, may create social buzz for your product or service. Get traffic to your products or services or cpa offers.

Note: no adult content, gambling , non english or hateful content,
prohibited content of any nature. We may not accept the content, 
which we feel harmful to the global community.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which international groups are these?
    50 countries in europe, american states, canada, australia, all south east asian countries, India, brazil and some parts of uae. For ex: germany group has 100 members of germany only , france group has 100+ members and so on.
  • why did you build this geo targeted whatsapp group?
    I built this geo targeted whatsapp groups of particularly english speaking countries to sell my own internet services online. It took me 3 months to build this list manually and it is highly responsive. Now I believe, it can be useful for public domain too.
  • any refund?
    No refund. Its pure luck and gamble. The members in my whatsapp group have different taste and there are some content where the probability of going viral is more. It should be highly useful to global community, incite curiosity and interest. These external factors are not under our control.
  • Which content have the probability to go viral?
    Whatsapp is a huge market, with millions of active users. I have promoted certain luxury, fashion, international brands, internet marketing and certain internet services, which can be brought online, without hassles. Some popular memes, marketing messages, images and banners have high probability.
  • restricted or prohibited content
    we do not promote certain restricted or prohibited content like adult, pharmacy or certain gambling, hateful and non english content, which cannot be understood by global community. we may cancel certain orders, which we feel is prohibited.