I will write a tailored thank you note to follow your interview

write a tailored thank you note to follow your interview

About This Gig

You've had your interview, you've done everything right, and you've taken all the necessary steps. But the process is not over! So, what's next?

To ensure the most appropriate continuation of the interview process, it is critical that you send a Thank You Note within 24 hours after the interview in order to show that you are not only appreciative, but also to cement your enthusiasm and interest for the position. This Thank You Note can be the difference between getting an offer or not getting an offer.

For Free: please enjoy this gig's image with the 6 mistakes to avoid when writing follow-up Thank You 

For $5: you will receive a professional Thank You Note template that you can easily customize as a follow-up to any interview you have had. 

The Gig Extra: is required for me to create a personalized Thank You Note. My tailored Thank You Notes are professional, succinct, and engaging, leaving the employer with a great impression of you.

Please contact with any questions, and I look forward to helping you achieve your career dreams!