I will professionally edit your videos in a day

professionally edit your videos in a day
professionally edit your videos in a day

About This Gig


I'll keep making changes until you are 100% satisfied!
I am 24/7 online

For $5 you will get:



Add Title, add captions, add subtitles, add intros, add outros.

Cutting clips, joining together (Merge Clips), 

Add text with animations & effects

Add logo in movie

Add subtitles

Add Photos with movie to make a short clip.

Change background

Add music with movie

Add vioce with movie

Add moving objects in a movie

 & all other effects .


(All movies will be in 1080p or 720p quality or as you may want it.)

Merge or Cut  bits of your movie and make it as you like.

Add music with movie.

Make your pics run in a clip slideshow. Picture slideshow.

Make a Timeline movies with pictures and movies.

Movie Making with After Effects for $5.

Make HD movies of your MS PowerPoint presentation.


Add music with voice or audio.

Add music with audio track.

Merge, cut or insert music or any audio.

Audio mixing

 Noise removal/ echo removal.

voice balancing in video

Movie making is a very vast field so inbox me before ordering ( for description )please give me a brief  description of your movie the way you want it to be done
I will work on after effects...:)