I will be your personal blog editor

be your personal blog editor

About This Gig

I will proofread and edit your blog post for: 


Simply upload the post to be edited and tell me as much as you can about your blog and your readers (who they are, what the blog is about, etc.). I  will do my very best to make sure your post is error free and reader-friendly.

Because I'm overbearing, I will likely give you unsolicited advice, as well :-)

Please, no hateful, racist, sexist, offensive, pornographic, or erotic content.  I will refuse these requests.


****1 day turn around is ONLY for requests made Mon-Thurs. Fri-Sun requests will have a Tues turn around.*****

I SO look forward to working with you!

Order Details


I will edit up to 2000 word blog post in 1 day. Mon-Thurs. No hate/porn/explicit content.

1 day delivery
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