I will humbly accept a tip for my hard work for $5

/ 29 Days On Average
humbly accept a tip for my hard work
humbly accept a tip for my hard work

About This Gig

If you felt I deserved more than $5 for my services, I will gladly accept a tip for my hard work.

The money generated from this gig will go to:

  1. Equipment - To make my recording gigs even better quality. 
  2. College- Student debt is very real, so I'm trying my best to save up now and avoid a potential problem like that in the future. I'll be attending college in less than a year, so it's where most, if not all, of my revenues go to.

I would really like to thank everyone for ordering a gig from me in the first place because I wouldn't be here without you guys!

For those of you that give a tip (or even consider it), I thank you a million for your generosity!  :) It makes achieving the above goals even faster.

I am so grateful for this site and the wonderful clients that I've worked with in the past. I intend to make this the best it could be, as I do truly enjoy this job.
 I wish for lots of prosperity and abundance to come your way! Have a wonderful week! :)