I will develop cutting edge native mobile apps

develop cutting edge native mobile apps
develop cutting edge native mobile apps

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Description Bare Bones Complete MVP Production Grade
  A basic end to end app, may be developed for a proof of concept and market research you can expect everything a complete app could have in terms of functionality and performance. Highly polished production quality app dynamically supporting different screen sizes and animations.
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About This Gig

Hello, I am glad you are here!

I have been developing android apps for quite a while now and I proudly pronounce myself as Design Minded Android and iOS Developer. If you wanna try out some of my apps, do get my google play store page link from me. 

My apps target diverse markets including Social, E-Commerce, Management, Magazine and IOT device interface apps. Its really hard to mention all the tools / libraries I have utilized so far for developing these apps but some of them include firebase, facebook sdk, sync adapters, content providers, RESTful apis and bluetooth / ble.  

Contact me if you are looking for someone who is very good at developing android apps plus is very professional, friendly and flexible with his clients.

Feel free to leave a message even if you don't wanna buy my gig and just hunting for some good suggestions.

NOTE: prices mentioned in above packages are just to give you an idea of my services, I discuss each and every aspect of project with clients before actually engaging into any orders and usually I discuss things around a week without charging anything

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your prices seem much higher than others
    Well, whenever I take a project I wanna make sure its made to its best and should deliver lovable user experience, but since it require more effort and time than usual, I end up charging more than what rest of developer charge on Fiverr
  • What kind of project you prefer on taking
    I would only prefer a complete app, the complex the better. If its a very small app or you are not very serious with it, I may not take it at all. You see, I put a lot of effort in crafting my apps and if I don't see them breath well in store because of ineffective marketing, it kind of hurt.
  • What kind of production model you prefer
    For new startups, I prefer Agile Model, where we take everything in speed and release early to get some feedback from limited users and build above that user feedback and release more frequently. But if you prefer any other model, I am always happy to cooperate